29 May 2014 The Volvo TP21 is a rather odd looking vehicle. Known as the Sugga, which means sow in Swedish, likely due to its dowdy and snub nosed 


HD photos and wallpapers of Volvo TP21 manufactured by Volvo. Hello, and welcome to topautoworld.com!. Our website obsessively covers the auto industry with news, reviews, high-quality photography and commentary about automobiles and the automotive industry.

Very good engine. Have bicycle-rack. Near port.More information by request on e-mail. Mar 7, 2012 - Always fun when our friend Paolo enters the store.

1956 volvo tp 21

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SUV. Växellåda. Automatisk. Antal ägare. 2 Årsmodell. 2018.

1956 Volvo TP21 Sugga. Explore this photo album by Bring a Trailer on Flickr! Article by Javier Gonzalez. 65. Lifted Cars Volvo Cars Classic Cars Online Custom Trucks

2018-05-31 · Media in category "Volvo TP21" The following 30 files are in this category, out of 30 total. 1956 Volvo Sugga (4020764846) 1956 Volvo TP 21 [L2104] 1956 Volvo TP 21 in Republica: Ready To Go, Music Video, 1996 .

1956 volvo tp 21


Based upon the Volvo PV800, it was driven by a six cylinder 3.6 litre engine. Thanks to "Bag Full of Guns", Richard White, and Lokir Leika 1957 Volvo TP21 It quickly became known as 'The Sow' because of its rotund rear end. The vehicle was primarily used for radio communications and it carried a high-base antenna that could either stand alone or be placed in a holder on the front of the TP21. HD photos and wallpapers of Volvo TP21 manufactured by Volvo.

1956 volvo tp 21

It was restored in the 80’s and in good driving condition. In the 1950's, the Volvo TP21 fulfilled its original role as a rugged, off-road radio communications vehicle for the Swedish Armed Forces. Because of its snout-like front end and rounded rear end, the vehicle was nicknamed "Sugga", meaning sow, or mother pig, in Swedish. Volvo TP21 90ps, (1953 - 1958).
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1956 volvo tp 21

Restored.Registrated/ on road.

I am looking for suggestions on where to find parts and information. This 1956 Volvo TP21/P2104 Sugga (chassis 21-257) is number 257 of 720 total built from 1953 to 1958 and is currently said to be in very good running and driving condition following a well-maintained early ’80s restoration. Mar 31, 2014 - 1956 Volvo TP-21 Sugga Swedish Military 4WD Volvo's TP21 may have looked odd, but it was a successful military vehicle that earned an excellent reputation. Volvo had been building livery cars and commercial chassis since 1929, when the firm was only two years old, and its first purpose-built taxis were 1930s six-cylinder TR671s and TR672s.
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1956 Volvo Sugga TP-21, originally built for the Swedish military, this is an ICONIC vehicle, the ultimate Volvo station wagon, it dwarfs Land Rovers, difficult to drive by modern standards but you'll smile every mile you drive in it and everyone that see's it will smile too. This particular model is by far one of the best available today.


Volvo Sugga TP21 1954, radio command car. Nr. 154 of totally 720 built. Restored.Registrated/ on road. Very good engine. Have bicycle-rack. Near port.More information by request on e-mail.

http://www.ozemate.com/volvo/indexsv.htm. En Familje sammling av två 1965 Amazoner 122S och en 1974 164E, Dagliga bruksmachiner hemma hos familjen  1.550 €.

Volvo TP21 Sugga 1956. AlexVolvo · 1981 Volvo 244 DL - Stone Cold  Volvo TP21 Radiocar i Österfärnebo, Gävleborgs län säljes. Volvo TP21 Radiocar Google Maps. Mejla annonsören.